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Anna Faris is cute American actress and singer known for her comic roles. She has appeared in the Scary Movie series of films, The Hot Chick, Lost in Translation and My Super Ex-Girlfriend . In 2008, she had a starring role in The House Bunny, for which she earned an MTV Movie Awards nomination.

Her first significant film role was in the independent production, Lovers Lane. Her breakout role was in the horror film parody Scary Movie. She is a natural blonde, but dyed her hair black for the filming of Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, so that her character more closely resembled Neve Campbell, who played the corresponding character in Scream, one of the films that Scary Movie parodied.

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As a lifelong New York Mets fan I always looked forward to interleague play and when they face the cross town rivals the Yankees. I was invited to the house of a buddy who grew up to be a lifelong Yankee fan along with his wife Karen.

I brought a twelve pack of beer and a bag of pretzels which Karen took into the kitchen, my buddy John was in the living room waiting for me. He was sitting in his recliner turning the game on and I sat on the couch.

"I ordered us a pizza for the game." He said. "Bring your crying towel to dry your tears when the Mets lose again."

He was referring to the game Friday night when they lost by a score of five to two, I just laughed at the remark. Karen came into the living room handing John and then me a cold beer, she left the room again. This time she returned with a tray of snacks and a glass of wine for herself.

The top of the first was uneventful as the Yanks got retired in order, my Mets then threatened but could not score. The pizza arrived and Karen got up to get the pizza, she cleared a spot on the coffee table for it and took the tray of snacks. She came back with another wine and more beer.

Again the Yanks failed to get anything going and it was now the Mets turn, with runners on the corners Jose Reyes singled home a run. With my team up one to nothing I could hear John and Karen moan aloud.

The third inning was again uneventful for the Yanks and again the Mets were up, this time David Wright doubled in a run to make it two to nothing. Both John and Karen booed at this development in the game.

"Not so confident in your team now are you?" I joked.

"They will get it back." John muttered aloud.

"What do you want to bet on it?" I asked.

"John you can't take Kurt's money." Karen laughed.

"Well what can we bet then?" he asked.

I do not know what made me say what I said when he said that, I always found his wife to be attractive. Her short brunette colored hair, green eyes, small 34b breasts and a lovely round bottom made her to be one of the sexiest wives of any of my buddies. As usual for a Yankee game Karen had on what she called her lucky jersey, it was a Derek Jeter jersey that buttoned up the front. She also had on a pair of jean shorts that showed off her long tan legs as she sat a cushion away from me on the couch.

"Well buddy seeing how your beautiful wife won't let us bet money I think we should bet something more interesting. If the Yankees win I will give you my next paycheck and if the Mets win your wife and I make out on the couch for a half hour." I said boldly.

"Your fucking kidding me." He said.

"You know how much I bring home after taxes." Kurt replied.

"I will take that bet if Karen says it is okay." He replied.

Karen shot him a dirty look for a moment and then turned toward Kurt; she gave him a very cold icy stare. The three of us sat very quietly for several moments before she finally spoke.

"Alright it is a bet." She said. "John if the Yankees lose I hope you will not get mad and learn your lesson on how stupid betting is. Kurt if you lose I hope you will see all the great Yankee stuff I will buy for the next time they play the Mets."

The fifth and sixth innings were both over; neither team was able to score. During the two innings we all sat quietly watching the action intently on the screen; Kurt went out to the kitchen and brought his entire twelve pack back in with him. Karen went out to the kitchen to get herself the bottle of wine she had been drinking.

The seventh inning and the Yankees did not score; the Mets came up in the bottom half of the inning and put up two more runs. The Yankees failed to score again in the eighth inning and the Mets put the game further out of reach. They scored three more runs and it was now a seven to nothing game. The tension in the room was so thick, Kurt and John finished the beer and Karen finished the wine.

The final inning and the Yankees could only manage to get one run and the game was finally over. John reached for his remote and shut off the television, he looked over at Kurt and Karen on the couch.

"You're not really going to call the bet?" he asked.

"A bet is a bet." Kurt said.

"This is only a half hour Kurt, honey time him." She said.

John looked at his watch and Karen moved closer to Kurt, John just sat and stared dumbfounded as his wife and his buddy were starting to kiss. Before he knew it the two of them were engaged in a more passionate embrace, he could see that they were now dueling tongues.

Karen kept her wits about her somewhat, she could feel Kurt try to move his hand up to feel her tits or up her long soft legs to feel her pussy through her shorts. Several times she stopped his advances short, she was quite pleased when he stopped trying, or so she thought. Kurt was carefully unbuttoning the bottom button of her jersey and then the next one and then the next. Karen shuddered when she felt his warm hand touch her soft stomach; it felt good as she let it advance to her breast.

She allowed Kurt to gently fondler her breast and teases her nipple until it became hard and erect. Kurt unbuttoned the rest of the jersey and pulled it off of her shoulders to expose her firm breasts to him. He stopped kissing her lips and started to kiss her neck; he worked his way down and gently scooped a small tit into his hand and suckled the nipple. She let out a soft moan as she enjoyed the work his tongue did on her sensitive nipple, she looked over at her husband who was just sitting in his chair rubbing his cock through his jeans.

Karen took this as a sign to continue and she figured that John would stop when he thought things were going too far. She managed to get Kurt to kiss her again; she could feel him push her onto her back Kurt ran his hand from her breasts down to her flat stomach and unbuttoned her shorts. He slid his hand into her shorts and inside her panties; he soon found her wet pussy and began to rub it.

Karen moaned softly as he rubbed her sensitive clit and alternated from kissing her to sucking her tits. When he suddenly stopped and he sat up, only then he reached down and pulled her shorts, along with her panties off. He got between her sexy legs and began to lick her wet hot slit. Kurt's tongue found her clit and began a furious assault on to it, he stuck two fingers into her tight pussy and finger fucked her as well.

"Oh fuck yes eat my pussy, fucking eat me." She begged grabbing a handful of his hair.

"Oh fuck Kurt I'm cumming all over your face, fucking don't stop eating me. Oh fuck I'm going to cum oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned aloud as she had an earth shattering orgasm.

Kurt sat up and wiped the large amount of pussy juice from his face satisfied that he made her cum. He undid his jeans and pulled his hard cock out, Karen was still surprised that John had not stopped this yet. She was also surprised to see that Kurt had a cock that was a couple inches longer than her husband's average cock and just a little thicker.

Without warning he plunged his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her on her couch. She loved how the his cock felt inside her pussy as he pounded it in and out of her long deep thrusts. She dug her long finger nails in his back and ass as he brought her to another great orgasm.

Kurt waited until her orgasm subsided and rolled her over onto all fours he got behind her and fucked her doggie style. He reached under her with one hand and fondled one of her tits roughly and with the other he reached down and rubbed her asshole with his thumb.

"Oh yeah baby fuck me hard, fuck me hard. Yeah play with my asshole." She begged.

John could not believe he was hearing this from his wife, yet his cock was so hard he could not take anymore. He stood up and pulled his jeans off and went over to the couch he roughly grabbed his wife's head and rammed his cock into her mouth. Karen did her best to keep up with the hard fucking she was getting from Kurt and now the new assault on her mouth by her husband.

Kurt moaned loudly and squeezed her tit very hard as he finally shot his load into her pussy. She spit John's cock out to let out a loud moan of her own orgasm and one of pain from his abuse of her small tit. John shot his load all over his wife's face as he too was overwhelmed by the experience.

Kurt sat with the two of them naked on the couch before finally getting dressed and leaving. John and Karen sat on the couch, soon they were kissing and then John went down on his wife sucking out the cum of his buddy. Once again Karen was getting fucked only this time by her husband, you could hear the moans of pleasure and the squishing sounds of her already used cunt. After a few minutes the two of collapsed in orgasm and fell asleep on the couch.

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